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How to date in Baltimore from a twenty-something still trying to figure it out.

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Featured Event: Charmed & Dangerous Presents Speed Dating

Ever been speed dating? Probably not. It's not usually a "thing" in Baltimore City (there's tons out in the suburbs) so we figured we'd host one & see if it should become a "thing." Most of the events usually cost anywhere from $20-$40 and this one is FREE! Drag a friend with you & sign up. You'll only waste 3 hours of your Tuesday night...

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Featured Baltimore Single

Name: Jordan • Age: 21 • Likes: Dudes • Looking For: People • Status: Single

Artist (art student). Music lover. Likes to light things on fire. Movies are cool. Coffee and cigarette advocate. Enjoys dorky conversations as well as deep philosophical conversations. Skateboards. Star Wars—- Greedo shot first.

Like what you see (or whatever...) contact Jordan here.

Want to be sort of internet famous for a few days too!? Well, click here for your own chance to find love, or check out past singles!

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Now that How I Met Your Mother is over, I thought it’d be a good time to bring this list back complete through all 9 seasons. Still spoiler free. If you want to see the origin of this story, check it out here.


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OkCupid adds “Relationship Type” option

This is definitely a huge step forward for non-traditional relationships.

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Okay, so I’m conflicted here, tell me about a business opening and I’m excited, but what Mount Vernon really needs is another coffee shop!

Nubohemia says they’ll be different. These monthly parties will be known as Nubo Nights & they say they’ll be a “destination” not just a coffee shop—selling yoga wear, books & most importantly vinyl records.

So what to do with at the coffee shop opening? Well, apparently, drink free wine! It’s just a social mixer type setting so mingle & be merry and initiate chit chat as to which Mount Vernon coffee shop is the best.

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I think this may be a product of Gen Y but have you ever dated someone that has never had a real boyfriend or girlfriend before?
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It’s a play. A play about gender, stereotypes, sex & a bunch of other taboo topics. Opening night you get a free glass of Natty Boh. 

Bring A Date?
It opens on a Friday night & runs through through the weekend. Obviously, Hampden you can take your pick for restaurants. I’ve been meaning to try out The Arthouse, pizza prices run comparable to Joe Squared with a French twist. Anyway, bring someone sex positive and get a good seat.

Find A Date?
See every Burlesque show.

It’s called Genderfuck. How could you not want to go?

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You guys asked, so we’ve made it happen. People filled out our survey & asked for:

  • A Convenient Location: It’s in the center of the city, on Charles Street, slightly South of Mount Vernon with free parking after 6PM
  • A Cheap Price: It’s Free!
  • The Option to Bring Friends: Unfortunately, you can’t bring your non-single friends this time, but you can bring as many single friends of any gender, with a preference for the opposite sex as you’d like
  • A Convenient Time/Date: Most people requested weekday nights. Sorry weekenders! We’ll get there.

I don’t know if I can appease the lack of “punx” one respondent expressed concern for but overall, but I like to think my readers are pretty open. Overall, I think we did good!

Those that feel anxious, worried, sheer terror or are concerned with a stigma, we’re here to answer any questions you may have & we’ll see what we can do for you! Only a few people said they wouldn’t attend & to those people, I say, give it a shot! It’s free & only a few hours. 

Oh & for my boys who like boys & girls who like girls, we’ll see what we can do for you ASAP!

Limited amount of spots for obvious reasons so RSVP here, spread the word & bring a friend?!

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Then sign up to be a FEATURED SINGLE or Fill out our DATING EVENTS SURVEY: 

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